Episode #4 Guest is Robert Gaskell London Chapter Vice President, Investor & Advisor to the emerging technology sector, Founder and partner of Appold

In this episode, Richard and John talk with Robert Gaskell about blockchain, cash cards, Lithuania blockchain center, AI regulations, The Great hack is just 1% of what is going on in reality, electric plains, etc.

GBO Podcast - A Taste of the Club

The Podcast for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs from the Global Business Owners Network where you get the insights from entrepreneurs, Founders, and Investors on their career and personal development based on the concept of business friendship.

Podcast panel
Richard Wikström ( https://www.globalbusinessowners.com )
John Ball ( https://presentinfluence.com )
Maitén Panella ( https://maitenpanella.com )

Podcast Producer
Martin Jokub ( https://martin.jokub.com )

Podcast Team
John Ball (Valencia)
Martin Jokub (Valencia)
Richard Wikström (Stockholm)
Maitén Panella (Valencia)
Miguel Ángel Reyes Riera (Madrid)

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